SPEAK Lithuania

SPEAK connects migrants and refugees with locals in Kaunas & Vilnius through community-led language and culture exchange activities.


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About me

SPEAK is a crowdsourcing language and culture exchange program that connects newcomers with locals living in the same city.  (www.speak.social)


At SPEAK, we promote the creation of inclusive communities where locals and migrants meet to share their culture, solving the problem of social exclusion through the exchange of languages and cultural events organized by the community.


SPEAK Lithuania has impacted more than 1,000 people from 80 nationalities by promoting the Lithuanian language and culture. Our mission is to create inclusive cities in Lithuania where everyone feels welcome. 


We are now raising funds to scale our impact and reach more people who can benefit from our SPEAK community the most. 

In Lithuania the number of migrants has been rising, peaking at 43,000 in 2021.

Over 50,000 refugees from Ukraine entered Lithuania due to the current conflict. SPEAK Lithuania is playing a part in helping them settle and get integrated into their local communities.

More about the campaign: https://www.speak.social/crowdfunding/fundraising-speak-lithuania/

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