About us

Nowadays, more and more people are searching for opportunities to work for themselves, and more will try to do that in the future. In view of this situation, we became fascinated by the idea of giving a unique tool for creators, gamers, artists, writers, and others. A tool – Contribee platform – that allows maximize their monetization, to generate profits from contributions, and easily engage with their audience.
Contribee is a solution for content creators who want to get paid for their content easily, whether it‘s videos, works of art, non-profit activities, etc. We provide our clients easy-to-use platform with creator-friendly fees, instant payouts, and personal eshop integration for creators, as well as multiple payment options and content discovery tools for fans.
Our professional Contribee team has been working for months to offer creators a cheap, fast, and reliable platform.

Create, share, and get paid!