Contribee is a membership platform allowing creators and organizations to engage with their fans and collect one-time and monthly support.

You can do a live stream on YouTube live dashboard (select an unlisted link) and share it to Contribee (as a video URL). You can find more information about streaming on YouTube here.

You can start by signing up as a creator and creating your profile. Add info about your activity, create membership tiers, verify your identity and you'll be ready to go

Creators don't pay any fees. You get what you collect. Period.

With the Pay-Per-Post feature, you can set a specific amount for the desired post, and after the fan pays it, he’ll get unlimited access to this content.
Creators can allow fans to unlock specific content they have shared by paying a one-time fee rather than purchasing a monthly membership.

Tier is a membership level that users can select. Every tier has a different price and benefits associated with it.

It's free!

Earning calculator allows creators to calculate potential earnings based on the predicted number of fans and their contribution amount.

Your withdrawal will be processed immediately. Transfer time will depend on your bank.

Currently Contribee is available in English, Lithuanian, Spanish and Italian.

You can select a membership tier and support your favorite creators by paying a selected amount every month. You can also make one-time tips to support their activity.

You’ll pay based on the membership tier/one-time tip price. For 1-2€ payments, we charge 15.25% + 0.20€ platform fees which also covers the payment processing. For 2-3€ payments, we charge 11.25% + 0.15€ in total fees and for payments of 3€ or over, we charge 7.75% + 0.20€.

Currently all major credit cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted

You can cancel your subscription in your profile (click here).

You'll be charged every month on the day when you subscribed. If you subscribed on January 5th your next payment will be processed on February 5th.

You can find your payment history in payments page (click here).

We're working on it and will make an announcement when the app is available.