Benefits for creators

Flexible & secure payments

Contribee partners with payment processor Stripe to ensure safe and secure payments infrastructure. Stripe is a worldwide-known payment processing company responsible for all the transactions, money withdrawals, and other money operations on Contribee. We don't save your bank & credit card information!

One-time tips

Unlike other market competitors, we provide an opportunity for you to start accepting one-time tips. One-time tips do not require authentication (but you can always change this in your page settings).

No fees for creators

Contribee is an entirely free platform for creators, so you'll get 100% of what you make. Asking how? Fans will cover your fees.


Are you planning to launch seminars, educational videos, live streams, or sell tickets to virtual concerts? We got you covered. With Contribee, you can sell specific posts at your price.

Unique features

Contribee teamwork hard to ensure that platform is up-to-date, and new features are coming soon. Right now, creators can generate QR codes, do live streams and much more!

Free customer support

Have any questions? Our team is ready to help you. Contact us by sending your inquiries to [email protected].

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