Empty Brain Resort

The platform for musicians and artists who create and perform outside the mainstream industries, despite the standards.


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Empty Brain Resort is looking for new premisses to be able to run its activities again. The money received monthly from Contribee is being used to pay the utilities of our music studio that we kept ant to maintain our radio server in the studio. As soon as we get the appropriate option we will reestablish the rest of our activities. Please, keep in mind we are looking for a smaller place. It could as well be outside of the town. We would like to have a 50 sq/m concerts space, a small recording studio, a merchandise stand, a guest room... up to 200 sq/m in total. A yard would be an advantage. We think we could maintain a place for 300 to 500 eur/month. The aim is to organise the events that we prefer and not do events that would only  make us work for money.