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Baltic Art Press. Echo Gone wrong is an international contemporary art daily on-line, representing Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian contemporary art scenes.


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Echo Gone Wrong, an online magazine that has been running for over a decade, is an English-language source of concentrated and timely information on contemporary art events, processes and current affairs in the Baltic countries: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The magazine responds to art and cultural events, analyses the art and cultural field in the region, and is committed to the intensive dissemination of artists' work to the world. 

Its name refers to the title of a song by the legendary SKA band, Bad Manners, who were listened to in gatherings by so-called “rollers” (after rock’n’roll) in Soviet Lithuania in the early 80s, watched over closely by the KGB. The rollers derived from a very specific early Lithuanian punk movement; they ‘revived’ Elvis Presley and Bill Halley, listened to Madness and Bad Manners, danced twist and ‘brought up’ New Wave hairstyles. Their resistance against the system was through their passion for Western music, fashion and parties. However, the West was already different to what they imagined, and such a hybrid “roller” movement was nowhere else to be found, except in this part of the Iron Wall. Echo Gone Wrong. In both directions. This contemporary art daily aims to shout out more loudly and clearly, so that its echo doesn’t get lost in the overcrowded grounds.