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Contributing to charities can be tricky. Figuring out what charities you can trust and how these charities spend your money can be a hurdle in itself. As can figuring out where to volunteer your time.

At the same time nonprofits are sharing some of the same issues. They don’t explain how they use donations very well, often have no marketing budget, and even push away people interested in their cause with their spam mail and pesky street solicitors.

The purpose of “A Giving Experiment” is to learn more about the problems that people have, so that Contribee can build the solutions. Help us grow and become part of our community by liking Contribee on Facebook and following the Contribee blog.

List of Charitable Things To Do

huge list of charitable things to do

Need some inspiration? This is huge list of charitable things to do.

A Giving Experiment

Learn about “The Giving Experiment” and the back story.

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