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Italian football traditions for Lithuanian children from very difficult background


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The goal of the Hope For Football team is to help Lithuanian youth grow and adapt to a changing and cosmopolitan world. We aim to develop healthy living habits through sports and religious ideals. Our team unites the cultures of the two countries, Italy and Lithuania.

Stefano Piciulin, the founder of the organization, believes that football can teach teamwork and become a community that cares for, supports and helps find the right path for children without or with poor parental support.

The activity started in 2013 in Kaunas. Volunteers from Hope For Football visited children's in care homes and day care centers. Organized football trainings, Italian language lessons. Organized pizza baking festivals. During this period, about 100 children and volunteers took part in the activities, mostly Erasmus students from around the world. The children had the opportunity to communicate in English. We are grateful to all of our volunteers.

In 2018, the first summer camp in Italy, in the resort of Auronzo. Nine children from Lithuania lived in the Dolomites for 10 days, playing with Italian children camping together. Lithuanian cycling champion Diana Žiliūtė visited our campers. The children participated in a meeting with the Lithuanian Football Federation and its President Tomas Danilevičius.

In the summer of 2019, the second camp and life in Italian families. Ten children from Lithuania lived in Italian families for a week, traveling and having fun together. Later, together with the children of the Italian parish of Seville, he went camping in Auronzo, in the Dolomites. The children went to meet the Lazio football team, which trains in the Dolomites every year.

Since 2016, we have been together with VDU. Italian language lessons take place in Kaunas, organized and led by Vytautas Magnus University lecturer Moreno Bonda

In 2020, the third summer camp took place in Telšiai district. Lithuania.

In our plans, the Hope For Football activity center in Lithuania. The purpose of this center is children's extracurricular activities, football training, language lessons. Providing all possible assistance.

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