Huge List of Charitable Things To Do -

Huge List of Charitable Things To Do

Contribee: A Giving Experiment

For Others

  • Pay it forward — Pay for the person behind you inline without notice
  • Give a someone a ride
  • Give a flower or bouquet
  • Cook somebody a meal
  • Smile at random people
  • Give hugs!
  • Give kisses!
  • Pay someone’s bills
  • Babysit
  • Petsit
  • Walk your friend’s dog
  • Have a meal with someone your know or someone eating alone
  • Go grocery shopping for somebody else
  • Clean someone’s car
  • Clean someone’s house
  • Help someone get a job!
  • Suggest More


  • Participate in toy drive
  • Give school supplies to schools
  • Help kids in need
  • Be Santa!
  • Teach
  • Volunteer at your local kids club
  • Become a big bother or big sister
  • Suggest More

Those In Need

  • Give food to the hungry
  • Buy or donate clothing
  • Give a dollar, some change, or any money you can
  • Work at a shelter for the homeless.
  • Give someone a coffee or hot coco.
  • Get the guy with the, “why lie I need a beer sign” a beer
  • Adopt a family in need.
  • Buy holiday gifts for people in need.
  • Participate in a food drive
  • Buy a meal for those in need at your grocery store
  • Give your time to any nonprofit that helps those in need
  • Suggest More


  • Volunteer at an retirement home
  • Play a game with a senior (cards, chess, monopoly, Xbox, PS3)
  • Take time to listen to your elders, learn about their lives and stories
  • Make an elderly person a meal
  • Go to out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner!
  • Help a senior do something they love to do, but can’t do by themselves
  • Take them shopping or go to the store for them
  • Clean
  • Fix things!
  • Suggest More


  • Give blood!
  • Visit people in the hospital
  • Bring your pets to share with people at the hospital
  • Give to health focused nonprofits
  • Suggest More


  • Find a home for a animal
  • Adopt an animal
  • Walk someone else is dog!
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter!
  • Contribute your time or money to nonprofits that help animals.
  • Suggest More


  • Plant Trees
  • Plant Flowers
  • Clean a beach, park, river, canyon, and/or any environment
  • Pick up trash
  • Remove non-native plants and plant native plants
  • Suggest More

Donate Your Professional Services

  • Consult
  • Fix something (car, fence, plumbing, paint, computer, etc.)
  • Give medical services
  • Clean some teeth
  • Give a massage
  • Coach
  • Donate your veterinary skills
  • Help someone with technical issues
  • Teach or tutor
  • Suggest More