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Day 5: New Media Rights

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Have you ever heard of a nonprofit lawyer? Not a lawyer that specializes in nonprofits or a lawyer that works at a nonprofit. A lawyer that actually works not for a profit. Ok, now say that three times fast. Or just say New Media Rights! New Media Rights New Media Rights (NMR) is a not for profit law group that specializes in, you guessed it, new media rights. Specifically New Media Rights, deals with internet law, entertainment law, video games, and anything you can think of that didn’t exist before 1999. The group runs its operation alongside California Western Law School. NMR is run by Art Neill and Shaun Spalding, who manage a slew of law school interns. What They Do The group is involved in all kinds of malarky: making sure that video pranksters don’t end up in jail, protecting small time video game developers from large corporate greed mongers, writing website terms of service and privacy policies for small businesses, helping online content developers, and taking a stand on online political policies like net neutrality. From NMR’s About Page
  • We offer free and reduced fee services including:
  • copyright, licensing, trademark, and other legal expertise to internet users
  • responding to unfair content takedowns, access limitations, and account terminations for internet users
  • advocacy and education to protect wireless internet users from new abuses in the industry, and track market problems with wireless content services, carriers, and other gatekeepers.
  • helping creators understand the legal reuse of content (fair use, parody, mash-ups, sampling, re-mixing, etc)
  • public interest advocacy before federal regulatory agencies (Copyrighti Office, FCCi, USPTO)
  • free studio equipment for citizen creators and nonprofits of all types
  • technological know-how and assistance
If you look up kick-ass + awesome + internet + lawyer you get New Media Rights.
Cool Stuff On top of all of the great legal work, NMR pumps out incredible content which is published on their blog and youtube channel. This isn’t your typical lawyer speak boring blog posts: blah, blah, blah, big word, some jargon, some other words I don’t know. NMR simplifies what they produce, so the people who are actually (not lawyers) reading and watching the content can understand it. This epiphany of a concept has been very fruitful for NMR’s online traffic. How I Helped Hence, where I can in. NMR knows their legal side of things, and intuitively, they know a lot about how to market and leverage the internet. But online marketing is not their job, they are  lawyers. We started by looking at an overview of  NMR’s web analytics and talking about their overall goals. Soon we transitioned into how they can leverage what they are currently doing to develop more followers and charitable contributions. I was already impressed with NMR’s style, but I was double impressed with their forward thinking and understanding of growth opportunities. We literally were talking about analytics performance and within in twenty minutes brainstorming about marketing through a microsite. Wait!!!—————-Something Coool—————- NMR is running an Indigogo Campaign to help support all of their great services